Much Needed Inspiration
This is a blog where I, Izzy, put all of my street fashion inspiration Enjoy c:

I post mainly alternative fashion, pictures from street fashion and personal fashion blogs including my own. The fashion I post evolves with my own but I'm always open to requests

If you want me to find coords with a specific item then ping me an ask. I'll do what I can to help c:

I do accept submissions but they have to conform with the photo styles from the rest of the blog, I'm fussy. If instead you just want me to reblog a picture then tag it with "cutetothefashion"


Diana, 21, Seattle

plaid miniskirt, velvet crop top x value village

tights x H&M

shoes x doc marten


(Source: alpacakingdom)


Top is from Target. They have a matching cardi and boy do I want it 🍍


Brand: Swankiss

(Source: gyaru-coordinates)


monaca nishi, 25 yr old


Lana, 23 yr old


On Wednesdays we wear pink! Felt like a Barbie doll